Freeze Frame. Polar Photography Exhibition: Image catalogue
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FF76. Visitors watch eruption of Strokkur, next to Geysir, Iceland

FF77. Clouds formed by strong winds over the Antarctic Peninsula

FF78. An iceberg with a message, off Uummannaq, Greenland

FF79. An iceberg intricately carved by water, Andvord Bay, Antarctica

FF80. Detail within an iceberg, Pleneau Island, Antarctic Peninsula

FF81. Mountains in mist, Cape Renard, Antarctic Peninsula

FF82. Archway in iceberg, Pleneau Island, Antarctic Peninsula

FF83. Arch in iceberg, Antarctic Peninsula

FF84. Zodiac cruises past arches in an iceberg, Penola Strait, Antarctica

FF85. fishing boat in Ilulissat Icefiord

FF86. A humpback whale dives near an iceberg

FF87. An iceberg near Vernadsky Station (Ukraine), Antarctic Peninsula

FF88. Mounts of the Lemaire Channel

FF89. Midnight sunset, Paradise Harbour

FF90. A zodiac cruises the ice at sunset, Antarctic Peninsula

FF91. A variegated iceberg becomes ice sculpture, off Deception Island

FF92. Patterns in kelp, Sea Lion Island, Falkland Islands

FF93. Lenticular clouds form over Ushuaia, Beagle Channel, South America

FF94. The Ross Ice shelf – a piece of ice covering an area equal to France

FF95. Wandering albatross in pair bonding, mating flight

FF96. A Russian icebreaker in ice off Siberia

FF97. An iceberg in Ilulissat Icefiord, Greenland

FF98. A polar bear almost lost against the ice, Canadian Arctic

FF99. A Giant petrel picks at the carcass of an Elephant seal, South Georgia

FF100. Bookends – a blond fur seal defends his territory, Elsehul, South Georgia

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