Freeze Frame. Polar Photography Exhibition: Image catalogue
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FF26. King penguins, South Georgia Island

FF27. Adelie penguin (apparently with his head on backwards), Cape Adare, Antarctica

FF28. Magellanic penguins near Punta Arenas, Chilean Patagonia

FF29. Icelandic pony, outside Keflavik, Iceland

FF30. Light-mantled sooty albatross, Gold Harbour, South Georgia

FF31. Strange cloudfall at entrance to Stromness Harbour, South Georgia

FF32. Greenland sled dogs banished to an island near Itleveq for the summer

FF33. A fin whale – the second largest of all whales

FF34. A pair of Adelie penguins promenade, Petermann Island, Antarctica

FF35. A view north to the Lemaire Channel, Argentine Islands, Antarctica

FF36. Pintados or Cape petrels flying in the wake of a ship off Cape Horn

FF37. A young “weiner” Elephant seal scratching his nose

FF38. Pancake ice

FF39. Wandering albatross showing its wing span of over four metres

FF40. A curious fur seal inspecting an old whaling waterboat, Deception Island

FF41. Black and white icebergs off South Georgia (the black is refrozen pure ice with impurities)

FF42. Fur seal in the sun, Grytviken, South Georgia

FF43. The snow-blasted boards of Robert Falcon Scott’s Cape Evans hut

FF44. A Ross seal pup

FF45. Ropes and ruins at the now abandoned Grytviken whaling station, South Georgia

FF46. Bald eagle, Alaska

FF47. Tiny flowers in tundra, Greenland

FF48. A pair of Adelie penguins face parenthood (with some alarm)

FF49. Masses of King penguins, Salisbury Plain, South Georgia

FF50. A Chinstrap parent prepares to feed its chick, Hydruga Rocks, Antarctica

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