Arctic Photo Gallery

This is a small sample of David's Arctic photos. There are many other photos available on request by contacting David.

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1. Polar bear and cub
2. Franklin Cross

3. Polar bear and cubs

4. Rasmussen House

5. Ilulissat boat

6. Arctic wolves

7. Walking group

8. llulisat boat and icebergs

9. Caribou

10. Greenland girls

11. Polar bears

12. Polar bear and cubs

13. Polar bear in the sun

14. Polar bear swimming

15. Ice walk

16. Polar bear

17. Arctic sunbeam

18. Walrus and pup

19. Inuit mother and child

20. A walrus on ice, Canadian Arctic

21. An iceberg near Qeqertasuaq, Greenland

22. Visitors watch eruption of Strokkur, next to Geysir, Iceland

23. Icelandic pony, outside Keflavik, Iceland

24. An iceberg with a message, off Uummannaq, Greenland

25. A male Polar bear, Churchill, Canada

images 1 - 25..|..images 26 - 50
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