Antarctic Photo Gallery

This photo gallery is a sample of David's Antarctic photos. There are many other photos available on request by contacting David.

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Seals: Elephant Seals | Fur Seals | Leopard Seals | Silver Seals | Weddell Seals

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Elephant Seals

3. Male and female elephant seals

12. Elephant seal and zodiac

18. Elephant seal pup

28. Elephant seal don't look back

47. Elephant seal and bird

76. Elephant seal
77. Elephant seals

111. A Elephant seal with feathers from penguin moult, Hannah Point, South Shetland Islands

113. A moulting Elephant seal scratching, South Georgia Island


Fur Seals
6. Deception fur seal

19. Hooker pup

29. Fur seal thinker

117. Bookends – a blond fur seal defends his territory, Elsehul, South Georgia  

Leopard Seals
20. Laughing Leopard Seal




Silver Seals

69. Silver seal




Weddell Seals
110. A Weddell seal contemplates life, Antarctic Peninsula