Antarctic Photo Gallery

This photo gallery is a sample of David's Antarctic photos. There are many other photos available on request by contacting David.

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Penguins: Adelie Penguins | Chinstrap Penguins | Gentoo Penguins | King Penguins | Magellanic Penguins | Rockhopper Penguins

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Adelie Penguins
13. Adelie family

23. Adelie reversed head

34. Adelie and pebble

43. Adelie promenade

108. An iceberg with a colony of Adelie penguins

Chinstrap Penguins
32. Chinstrap and chick




Gentoo Penguins
30. Flying Gentoo

45. Antarctic Gentoo

114. Two Gentoo penguins on a bergy bit, one studies its reflection


King Penguins
22. King

8. Mass King Penguin colony

10. King traffic cop

37. King chick 38. Leaning King

12. Elephant seal and zodiac

84. Three King Penguins

46. Bulk Kings

70. Tussock Kings

88. Penguins


99. King penguins, South Georgia Island

115. Masses of King penguin chicks, St Andrews Bay, South Georgia




Magellanic Penguins

21. Magellanic penguins





Rockhopper Penguins

59. Rockhopper Penguin

60. Rockhopper and chick