Antarctic Photo Gallery

This photo gallery is a sample of David's Antarctic photos. There are many other photos available on request by contacting David.

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9. Paradise icescape

24. Whale tail and berg

25. Pink berg

33. Blue berg

36. Berg and bird

48. Windy berg

49. Black and white berg

41. Lemaire ice

54. Windy berg

55. Variegated berg

56. Tabular berg

63. Black and white berg

64. Sunset zodiac

71. Berg castle

72. Zodiac and berg

67. Swooping berg

68. Vern Lemaire

69. Silver seal

71. Berg castle

72. Zodiac and berg

73. Blue ice peak

78. Finger berg

79. Half moon view

80. Ice whale tail 85. Domed brash ice

86. Ice glider

87. Kayak

91. Sunbeam

93. Arches in tabular iceberg, Dumont D’Urville, Antarctica

94. Zodiac cruises past arches in an iceberg, Penola Strait, Antarctica

95. A sea of pancake ice 97. Ice in the Lemaire Channel
102. Very smooth waters in Paradise Harbour, Antarctic Peninsula

103. Pancake ice

106. Ice in the Lemaire Channel, Antarctic Peninsulal

107. An ice pinnacle, Antarctic Peninsula

108. An iceberg with a colony of Adelie penguins

109. The moon over the mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula

112. A blue iceberg, Weddell Sea, Antarctica

118. Archway in iceberg, Pleneau Island, Antarctic Peninsula

119. Mountains in mist, Cape Renard, Antarctic Peninsula

120. Mounts of the Lemaire Channel

121. The Ross Ice shelf – a piece of ice covering an area equal to France

123. An iceberg intricately carved by water, Andvord Bay, Antarctica

124. Detail within an iceberg, Pleneau Island, Antarctic Peninsula