News and Events: Freeze Frame. Polar Photography Exhibition


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Penguins, polar bears, seals and ice all feature in 100 unique images of high latitudes. Greenland, Arctic Canada, Iceland and Spitzbergen are presented alongside Antarctica, South Georgia and Australia’s Antarctic Territory. Of course icebergs, glaciers and sea ice of myriad forms and hues feature prominently. So too do the remarkable clouds over the frozen land and this is not surprising because the photographer is a high altitude sailplane pilot. Then there are the animals, from polar bears with their cubs to penguins and chicks, majestic albatross and bizarre walrus.

All the images in the exhibition (except the two digital flower photos) were shot on Fujichrome Velvia and have been printed on archival quality paper and mounted on thin and light, yet very strong, Forex backing board for secure transportation. Each signed image is part of a limited print run of only 30 images.

The price of each image is $400 (including GST for sales in Australia) and $50 from each sale will be donated to the “Save the Albatross” fund. Please email your order. Images will be shipped out as soon as payment is received.

In conjunction with this exhibition, David also has the last English-language copies of his definitive boxed book “Antarctica – the Complete Story” signed by both authors (and complete with accompanying CD). There are no other copies of this book still available anywhere in the world. As an exhibition special, this book with a recommended price of $A100, is for sale for only $A79.95 or $US60 (plus postage – this will advised when your order is placed)